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The website for along with the data, materials, content, links, services, and products contained in it (called “materials” henceforth), are provided on an as-is basis and do not come with any kind of warranties that are either implied or expressed. Upon using the site, you agree that the materials and the site are yours to use but at your own risk. The site does not claim any warranties, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to other implied warranties like fitness for a specific purpose, merchantability, non-infringement, and the titles pertaining to this website and the materials in it., together with our suppliers, does not warrant nor claim that the materials are reliable, current, error-free, complete, and/or accurate., along with our suppliers, does not claim any responsibility for any typographical errors in the text, photos, graphics, and pricing on the site. We do attempt to ensure that the users who access the site are safe but we cannot promise that the site is virus-free and free from other components that may harm computers used to access the site.

Updates to the Terms and Conditions reserves the right to update and alter the terms and conditions without notice by posting an updated version right here on the website.

Limited Liability, together with its suppliers, is not liable for any special, direct, indirect or consequential damages along with other kinds of damages. This includes but is not limited to the loss of profits, the loss of use and loss of data whether in contract or action that arises out of any connection to the use of the website and the usage of the materials in it. People who use this site to junk the cars must be made aware of this.

Applicable Law and Venue

The terms and conditions for people who junk the cars using Junk The Car’s services are governed and construed according to the laws in the state of Florida. They are applicable to all agreements that are made and entirely performed within the state without any conflicts with state laws. All users of the website will agree that any equity or actions that arise or are related to these terms and conditions may be filed only in state or legal courts that are located in Palm Beach, FL. Users who junk the cars using our services also agree irrevocably and unconditionally agree and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the above mentioned courts to cover any suits, proceedings, or actions that stem from these terms and conditions.


The users who would junk the cars with the use of agree to indemnify and hold the officers, agents, employees, suppliers, and contractors as harmless from any demand and claims that stem from the use of the service, the website, and the materials. This includes attorney fees that are made by a third party that includes but are not limited to:

  • Any actions or activities of a service provider that brought you to us or the website.
  • Any move from your part that violates this agreement or your use of the site that results in the violation of this agreement or any move that violates all applicable laws.

The users of the website agree that they will cooperate. Junk the Car reserves all the right though not the obligation, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense along with the control of any matters that are otherwise be subject to indemnification by the users. The user shall agree that no matter shall be allowed to settle any such claim or matter without getting any written consent from the website. You further agree to indemnify and hold Junk the Car harmless from any claims that arise from the use of third party information and materials.

Dispute Resolution 

Users agree that any claim of controversial actions or claims that arise out of or that relates to this Agreement and/or the usage of the website with the exception of matters that are between the users and issues that do not involve Junk The Car. These issues should be settled by way of a binding arbitration that is in accord with JAMS International Arbitration Rules. Any claims or controversy shall be dealt with and arbitrated on an individual basis. They should not be consolidated in any arbitration with any claims or controversy that come from other parties.

It should be noted that any arbitrations made shall be dealt with solely in Palm Beach, FL. It should also be noted that the judgment on the arbitration case may be entered in any court that has the jurisdiction over the case. Either the user or may seek preliminary relief or interim from a court of competent jurisdiction that is in Palm Beach, FL.

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Unless it is stated explicitly, any notices that are given to shall be sent via email to the address Let it be noted that the company holds a membership and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. Users agree that they will take the time to notify Junk The Car in the form of an email regarding any disputes that involve the site so that the company is given time to respond before the users who junk the cars  go through with any legal actions.

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