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Sell Non-running Car

Do you worry about selling your non-running car or to trade-in your non-working car? From an outsider’s point of view, trading your non-running car may be very simple. People would tell you to simply drive your car for trade-in to an auto dealership and flip it for a running car. It is only better said than done when you have a non-running or broken car at your disposal.

Is Selling a Non-running Car a better option?

Sell non-running car

Let us consider these two different methods of getting rid of your non-running car. If you understand the complexities involved with trading-in your car you will need no further explanation.

Before you go out to trade-in your non-running car ask yourself these questions-

  • Is it possible to Trade-in a car that needs repairs?

It is possible to trade-in a car that has been repaired prior to taking it to the dealership. However, if your car needs some major expensive repairs would you like to invest in those costly repairs? Of course, you won’t spend your hard-earned money on that. And a dealership won’t accept your car for trade-in which has visible damages.   

  • Will the dealer accept your non-running car for the trade-in?

If you have a car that is non-running you cannot trade-in that car. Most dealers buy cars that hold some resale value so that they can be sold to a third party. A non-running car is the one which is unable to start and drive. The auto dealers run their business by buying used cars and not cars that are non-running. Even if the dealer accepts your non-running car it would be for the least amount.   

  • Is the process of Trade-in simple?

The process of the trade-in is not as simple as it may sound. You will have to research for estimating the actual value of your car. Furthermore, the dealership will inspect your one more time. Your car will go through multiple inspections there without even a guarantee that they will buy it.

  • Can you trade-in a problematic car for cash?

To trade-in, a car, in either non-running condition or broken is very hard. If your car has several mechanical problems it becomes really difficult to assess its value. Most dealerships will pay very less for your problematic car to avoid any kind of risk. At that time you are not even in a position to negotiate the price they offer.

Based on the points discussed above you can make out that trade-in is not the option for you.

Selling your non-running car to the places that buy junk cars is the better option for you.

It is so because-

  • You can sell your car in any condition to the authorized junk car buyers.
  • Also, you need not worry about getting the costly repairs done before selling your non-running car to junk car buyers.
  • There is no need to pay for your car’s pick-up when you sell your non-running car to junk car buyers.
  • The whole process of selling your non-running car is very simple. You can easily receive a free quote online with a pick-up within two business days.
  • You sell your non-running car for a fair price and without moving from your place. Everything is arranged according to your convenience.

Sell your non-running car instantly and get the best price today.