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Sell My Truck

Is your truck damaged, old, and wrecked or has converted into a piece of junk? Thinking of putting it into a truck junk yard? Well it often happens that you want to just get rid of that big piece of junk. What most people don’t understand is that no matter how old or scrappy your truck is, it always has a price at which it can sell. There are many salvageable parts in the truck that could be sold in the market. Also there is a lot of scrap metal in it that can be sold in a market for a good price. All in all it’s not as worthless as you thought it to be. But the problem is people don’t have time and they just scrap it in the truck junk yards. What if I tell you that you can get top cash for trucks that you are trying to give away for free. Well, Junk the car has got you covered. We have expertise in buying wrecked trucks, no matter what condition it is in, what make or model; we buy and give you instant cash for trucks and also do the hard work of towing it away from you.
Junk the car has been the go-to place to sell any auto, in any condition for more than 20 years now. If you have wrecked trucks for sale, you can contact us or visit our website and follow a simple process that will guide you to sell your junk truck.


Sell my truck1. You can call us or visit our website, which is where the process begins. By filling an easy form in the “Get a quote” section of our website. You need to answer some simple questions relating to your wrecked truck and can upload some of its pictures which would help us in evaluating its worth. Also if you call us then our friendly representative will guide you through the process.

2. Once the above process is complete you will get the best offer (quotation price). We use a car value calculator which helps us in precisely quoting a price for you. There are no obligations and we offer a fair price. No hidden cost, what we offer is our final price.
3. If the offer is accepted by you, Junk the car will send its friendly representative for simple inspection process after which we will pay you instantly and tow away your junk truck for free.

No matter which part of the country, if there are wrecked trucks for sale, we give cash for trucks and tow it away for free. Having 400 USA offices and thousands of satisfied customers all across, we are esteemed to have an A+BBB rating.


Trucks being huge equipment, there are many concerns that arise when thinking about selling it, major ones being:
• A proper price
• Hauling the truck from point A to B

There are many truck junkyards that will take your truck convincing you that it’s not worth any money and you will have to haul your truck to the junkyard as well. Junk the car values its customers. It has a junk car value calculator so you don’t have to worry about the quotation price we offer you. It is unique and fair. Also, no matter which part of the country you are in we will send a team of our representatives to pick up your junk truck. We will tow it for you free of cost. With a customer-oriented process, you wouldn’t have to move a muscle; we will be taking care of all of it, from quoting the best price to hauling your truck over that too for free.

Don’t get tricked by the truck junkyards anymore. Also going for it alone may be a hard choice as you would need to put in a lot of time and exertion finding the potential buyers without any expertise in the field. Contact Junk the car and get instant cash for your wrecked truck.


• While selling heavy equipment one shouldn’t wait long for payment. Junk the car pays you with instant cash.
• You should not sit on the offer for too long. Junk the car offers you the best price that you will agree upon instantly.
• Always be transparent while giving information about your truck that you intend to sell. Get a quote section on our website takes care of all the information needed and you don’t have to worry about it.
• Never to try to sell your truck on your own. You don’t have the skill or the resources to get a proper deal. Always reach out to a pro. Junk the car is the place you should call and everything will be taken care of.