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Sell My Damaged Cars

Often people are mistaken considering their damaged, broken, scrap, junk car as a non-profitable prospect or a lost cause. They leave it to rust in their garages uselessly occupying space. It never crosses their mind or they are unfamiliar of the fact that they can get cash for junk car they own. Now it is understood that your damaged car lying in the garage is not worthless, the questions that come to your mind are:
• How to sell a damaged car that I own?
• Where would I sell the wrecked car?
• How much will I get paid?
• Who will tow the vehicle if it’s not in working condition?
Junk The Car is a one-stop place for you serving the very purpose of buying your scrap car. We have been in the junk car trade for over two decades and through our experience and learning, we have made the most hassle-free and efficient process which keeps our customers happy and satisfied by giving them a fair deal. Unlike other dealers, we deal in all sort of vehicles no matter the make or model.


sell my damaged carsOnce people make up their mind to sell their broken, damaged or junk car the question that comes to their mind is “where do I sell my wrecked car?” You don’t have to stress over it as we have got it all covered. Serving in more than 400 offices across USA one doesn’t need to worry about “places that buy junk car” as no matter which city you are in junk the car will be there for you. We offer fair deals with accountability and customer satisfaction, which is how we have been able to build an exceptional status for serving thousands of sellers through the country. With our widespread network across the USA, our customers needn’t move an inch; it is all there just a click away. Selling your damaged car has been made easy and efficient as never before. So whenever you are planning on getting rid of that old junk of yours remember Junk the car is always there.

HOW TO SELL DAMAGED CAR” – The Process Involved

“Sell Car for scrap?” often happens with people when they get almost no cash to very little while selling their old car. The problem is they are cheated in the process because of the unawareness of the genuine rates and they shy away from the process involved. Not anymore, junk the car has a pristine process which would leave you with a smile on your face without even having to move from your sofa and getting top dollars for your damaged car. The process is plain and simple with no hidden cost involved. The trick to our happy customers all around is the easy process put up with the expertise we have acquired over the decade. We have eliminated the concerns that made the customers uneasy and doubtful. It only takes minutes getting ready to sell your damaged car once you have made your mind. The process is as follows:

1. You can visit our website or call us at 800-455-4241; we have the best employees that will guide you through the process. We will be taking information about your car which helps us in determining its worth and then we will be coming up with the best quote for your car using a car value calculator.
2. Our quote will be our final offer should you choose to accept it or decline. There are no obligations and we always offer a fair price. Our executive would be in touch throughout the process in case of any queries or support.
3. Once a quote is accepted by a customer, we will be sending out our representatives at your address on a date and time scheduled by you. Once our representatives arrive they will be checking out your damaged car for a simple verification process. We also provide free towing service for your vehicle. You don’t have to worry about towing your wreck from point A to B, which would be our responsibility. The final step would be that of payment that you will receive on the same day.

We offer credibility in what we do; we have survived in the business long enough to overcome the redundancies; making it a customer-oriented process. We pay our customers the same day we tow your broken car and we have a word on this; our customers are pleased when they get cash for junk car they sell on the same day itself. Junk the car has been labeled as one of the premium damaged, used, wrecked car buyers in the nation by consumer reports and that speaks for itself. So don’t let your junk car rust in your garage while its value depreciates further down the line, make up for some free space in your garage by selling your scrap vehicle to us.