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Sell Crashed Cars for cash

Selling your crashed car can cause you a lot of trouble at times. If your car has met a severe accident or collision not only does it lose its shine but also its value. The car insurance company might come to your rescue at times if the loss is huge but not always. If you decide to get your crashed car repaired it would again cost you thousands of dollars.

Many issues can cause selling your crashed car turn out not so profitable a job. The various obstacles to selling your crashed car at a good price are as follows-

  • Loss of Value: Selling your crashed car becomes all the more difficult as it loses it actual value after severe accidental damages. Even after all the repairs are done, the damage history will affect the resale value of your car.
  • Secondary Problems: Selling crashed cars is harder because individual buyers aren’t willing to purchase such cars. There are secondary problems that can pop-up once the car has been broken or crashed. The car value decreases drastically after the occurrence of the accident or collision.
  • Inspection: If you get your car inspected to know the trouble areas you may have to pay the dealers in good numbers. It is thus better to get the inspection done by an independent mechanic.

It might take time to sell your crashed car so easily when you opt for individual buyers. Your broken down car might be old enough to seek this much of attention. We at Junk the Car understand the value of your precious time so we make selling your crashed car easier.

Reasons to Sell Crashed Cars

sell crashed carsIt is always an intelligent decision to sell crashed cars to avoid any further issues associated with them.

  • Improper Repairs: If you still own a broken car which has not been repaired or improperly repaired it is time to get rid of it. Improper crash repairs can affect the future performance of your car and is a risk to the safety of its occupants.
  • Fixation Issues: If the gaps between the different body panels on your car are not uniform it is a bad sign. If you have a problem opening the doors of your car there might be a fixation problem. All such gaps and minor kinks pose a serious threat to the safety of the car passengers.
  • Worn Out Tires: One of the main safety issues is related to tires that are worn out and not replaced. The uneven and worn out tires simply mean your car is out of alignment. The whole body of your car rests on the tires. It is not at all safe to drive your crashed car until the tires are replaced.

Addressing the above issues is possible but you need to have extra finances for that. All the money that you give in for the repairs may outnumber the worth of your crashed car.

We are here to save you those extra bucks by picking up your crashed car without any expense. We are an authorized junk car buyers who will pay you for selling your crashed car in any condition.

Sell your Crashed Car to Us

We have simplified the troublesome process of selling crashed cars by providing quick and easy services to thousands of our customers. You are welcome to join the league of our satisfied customers by selling your crashed car to us. Since the day we stepped into the business of buying junk cars we promised to give the best offers. To get your best offer today follow these simple steps given below-

  • Step 1: Begin the process of selling your crashed car by either calling us or filling the online Get a Quote form. Share with us the relevant details about your crashed or broken car. We buy cars or trucks in any condition anywhere in the US. So get rid of your crashed vehicle anytime you want.
  • Step 2: We shall ask you a few questions to verify the information related to your crashed car before making the offer. If you fill the online form we will respond back with an instant offer after estimating the worth of your crashed car. We offer you an assured best price for your crashed car.
  • Step 3: Once you agree to our offer price our representative will pay you a visit to pick up your crashed car. Get ready with the keys and title of ownership to close the final deal. You get paid instantly for selling your crashed car to us. We shall pick up your crashed car free of cost from your home at a time convenient to you.

Contact us to sell your crashed car quickly and easily today. Junk the Car is always at your service anywhere in the US.