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sell my classic car
June 19, 2021

How can I sell my classic car for cash?


People ask, “I need to sell my classic car. Where should I start from?”. It’s not a usual affair for a normal person to sell a classic car. People do it once or twice in a lifetime.

It’s difficult to part ways with something you have associated for so many years.

However, a time comes when your classic car becomes a burden. That’s the time when you have to decide whether to keep it or sell it to a potential buyer. But the real question lies, where to start from? What’s the first step you need to take?

The process is simple. You start by gathering information about the industry. The market prices, demand in the area, types of buyers, etc. It gives you an idea about the options you can explore.

What are some tips to sell my classic car?

sell my vintage car

Market research

As mentioned above, gathering information is very important. You don’t want to be unprepared while negotiating with the buyers. Once you know the market price, you can easily set up the selling price in advance. Many websites provide you with an estimation of your car’s value. They ask for a few details like the make of your car, mileage, etc.

Look out for buyers

Sometime back, it was a norm to search the neighborhood for potential buyers. But with online platforms, the process is now quite efficient. Now you can easily reach out to a large number of buyers from your phone or a laptop. Simply register yourself on websites that connect the sellers to the buyers. Once you set up your account, you will have to fill in details of your car including a few pictures. Buyers will see your profile and contact you if they are interested.

Check the credibility of the buyers

It’s important to know who you are dealing with. Don’t rush into the deal when you receive an offer. Sit back and carefully evaluate the profile of the buyers. Also, you can read the reviews that clients post on their website. Shortlist buyers that seem to be genuine to you. Then select the most profitable one.

Prepare your documents

Start collecting the important papers that you may need during the transaction. Especially the title. You may need it while transferring the ownership to the buyer. In case you have misplaced it, you can get a duplicate one by requesting the DMV. Apart from the title, you may need to find warranty cards, service records, etc.

Negotiate with the buyers

Know what the buyers want. Present it that way. First, set the selling price slightly higher than the market value. This will provide you with a slight margin to negotiate. You may also need to set up a meeting with the buyer to discuss all the terms and conditions in detail. The meeting is another chance to persuade the buyer of the deal.

Receive cash payment

Once you close the deal, ask the buyer to pay you the amount in cash. It’s the safest option. You won’t have to worry about the buyer’s credentials. Many times, the buyers offer partial payments. The rest of the amount is paid in installments. However, such promises are short-lived. The buyers usually don’t turn up once they receive your car.

Communicate with your insurance company

You need to inform your insurance company about the sale. Once you close the deal, you are no longer liable to pay any premiums. However, the insurance company may send you the notice if you don’t inform them. Contact them and ask them to cancel all your remaining premiums.

Contact DMV

Contact your local department of the motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration. Otherwise, you will still be liable for anything that happens to your car after the deal.

To whom can I sell my classic car?

sell my vintage car

You can find plenty of potential buyers who are interested in used cars. All you have to do is do some market search. Your choice may depend on your car’s condition and the amount you wish to receive after the sale. Here are few options for you:

People passionate about classic cars

You may have seen people riding old modified cars. It’s their passion. They do it for fun. Naturally, they have enough money to spend. These are the easiest to negotiate. If they like a car, they will readily pay the amount. However, such people are limited and it’s difficult to find them. You can put up an advertisement and hope that one such buyer finds your profile online.

Sell my classic car to regular car buyers

Some people don’t want to spend a lot on cars. However, they are desperately in need of one. They prefer buying old cars at reasonable rates. Even if it requires some repair work, it will still fall under their budget. These buyers, however, are considerate about your car’s condition. Also, they ask for all the papers. Therefore, negotiating with them becomes a tedious job. If your car is still in working condition, then these buyers are lucrative prospects.

Junkyard shops

These shops buy cars for scrap. They are your last resort. If your car has come to a halt, and you feel there is no need to spend on it, then you can opt for scrapping to junkyards. The best part is that they don’t ask for documents other than the title. Not even to ensure your ownership. As they don’t have any intention to drive your car, they don’t care about its condition.

Sell my classic car through car dealers

If you don’t have enough time to spend negotiating with the buyers, or you are having some trouble, you can contact professional car dealers. They help you connect with the buyers in no time as they have a strong network in the market. Also, they help you in negotiating with them and close the deal. However, they charge you some fee for their service and are, therefore, not the most profitable option. But since they make your work very convenient, many people opt for them.

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