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Selling damaged car for cash is beneficial for you. Yes its true. There are many buyers who are willing to offer you high value for your car. Getting rid of your damaged car for cash will ease out your stress. You won’t have to worry about getting your car repaired and spend your hard money on it. Moreover, you will get your garage cleaned and clear of all the mess. You can use the amount received to buy a new one.

damaged car for cashHow can you get the best value when you sell non-working cars?

The buyers must carry a valid license

Selling a damaged car for cash to genuine buyers is important as they are less likely to dupe you of your money. Professional and genuine buyers have to ensure that their goodwill remains intact in the market, and hence they do not want to upset any owner to earn bad reviews. The best way to identify the credibility of the buyer is to ask them to show their valid working license. Scammers usually hesitate to show their documents and it becomes evident that they are not genuine. On the other hand, a professional buyer tends to keep the entire process transparent.

Analyzing the market for used cars

Since the owner does not have any prior experience in selling damaged cars for cash, he must properly analyze the market trends, demands, and prices of used cars. This will help in getting informed ahead of the negotiation with the buyer and will make the transaction process easier. An informed owner is less likely to be duped by experienced buyers. Since they have transacted with a large number of owners, they know that the owners lack experience and knowledge and tend to take advantage of them. If the owner has a fair idea about the price of the car, he will be better able to evaluate the fake offers and accept only the most profitable one.

Contacting more than one buyer

While opting to sell non-working cars, the owners tend to be in a hurry as they want instant cash. As a result, they do not contact multiple buyers and accept the first offer communicated to them. However, if they contact multiple buyers, they have many options to choose from and it will be easier for them to evaluate the most profitable one. By doing so, you will be able to profitably sell a damaged car for cash.

Prepare important documents

Before you start negotiating to sell non-running cars, make sure that you have all the required documents. If we are unable to present important documents to the buyer, he may not agree with the deal. Even if the buyer agrees, he will not provide you top dollar for your car. 

Receive the payment in the form of cash only

The best way to ensure that you are not duped of money is to receive the entire payment in cash and at the time of delivering your car. Even if the buyer insists on partial payments, it is not advisable to do that. Usually, the buyers provide the owner with a small amount with a promise to pay the remaining in the future. But once they have taken away your car, it becomes very difficult to communicate with them. 

Inform your insurance company and your local DMV

Even after you have sold your damaged car for cash to the buyer, you are still liable for any mishap until and unless you get your registration canceled officially. For that, you will have to contact your local department of the motor vehicle for the same. Moreover, you will also have to inform your insurance company regarding the sale of your car so that they cancel your insurance premiums in the future.